My House Full of Gifts

taken from: The Lights’ Blog

God is showing me lately how he fulfills even the smallest desires of my heart.

Just yesterday, our Pastor gave us two doughnut throw pillows. It’s a simple gift but it’s something I’ve planning to buy a few months ago. I didn’t get to buy the pillows because they’re not in the priority list of our budget. I don’t have to plan on buying them anymore because somebody freely gave them to us.

Last week, my sister also gave us a small couch. We’ve been also saving up for a couch. Before the couch came, my husband and I are doing a Japanese thing in our living area- just sitting on a carpet with a few seat pillows. I was okay with this kind of set-up but my husband prefers to have a couch. We started saving up for it but lo and behold! My generous sister gave us a brand new couch.

Actually, most of the furniture in our place are gifts. Our dining table is a gift. Our bed is a gift. The computer table is a gift. Even our curtains, pillow cases, bedsheets, drawer,  iron, iron board and body mirror are gifts. I feel so blessed knowing that I’m living in a houseful of gifts.

Then this morning during breakfast, I’m just amazed with the view outside my window. The sun rise bathes the skies with golden hues. I live in a bustling area but the view and the quietness of our place has a Tagaytay-vibe to it. We live on the third floor with a view of trees and lush greenery. At night, it’s so cool we don’t need a fan to sleep comfortably. The view, the quietness and the coolness, they’re gifts too. Not all places can boast of these things. Inside and out, I truly live in a houseful of gifts.

I Quit Teaching

I’ve been teaching for almost 10 years. I started as a high-school teacher, shifted to teaching 6th grade, then college then junior high school.

After 10 years, I stopped.

You is broke. You is tired. You is a teacher. Picture Quote #1
photo taken from: PICTURE QUOTES

I  quit teaching for the same reasons why hundreds of ex-teachers leave the profession.

There’s the infamous ”burned-out.” Because it’s true. It’s so easy to be burned out from this profession. Teaching requires every fiber of your being. Even at rest, the mind is still with lesson planning.

It doesn’t help that teachers’ compensation are cents compared to people in sales, or marketing or other office jobs. No one gets rich teaching in schools.

There’s also the massive paperwork. Lesson plans, exams, more exams, reports, more reports, cards. Half of teaching is doing paperwork.

Added to the paperwork is the incredulous and almost laughable expectations of school heads, regional educational offices and all other institutions which have no idea the real things that happen in the classroom. Test scores and school rankings are all they’re after.

The parents are also a huge reason to quit the profession. Some parents should be sued for negligence. Some parents should have restraining orders. These are the tiger parents who expect their children to be perfect. Some parents should actually go back to school and learn kindness, respect and some manners along with their kids.

It doesn’t help that some teachers are only teachers because they can cover up their laziness in this profession.

I could still list more reasons why teaching can drain your soul. I could rant all I want and blame everything to the system.

But it doesn’t change the fact that I quit. I turned my back and I stopped fighting for something so noble. I’m not a teacher anymore.

Right now at this very moment, a part of wishes I didn’t quit. I miss the wonders that I see everyday in the classroom. But a larger part of me is also tired and disillusioned. A teacher like me won’t be any good in the classroom.

Maybe when I’m not so tired, I’ll go back.Or maybe not.